Friday, June 4, 2010

Awesome Product Makes Composting Simple and Clean

In all my years of posting on this blog, I have never dedicated an entire post on a single product, however, this is the first time I have ever gotten a green product that I am so thoroughly enthused about. (Full disclosure--they may give me a small refund for doing this posting, if they like it.)

The product I am reviewing is the organic compost tumbler that I got here. As you well know, I have been composting for years using traditional techniques and compost bins. No matter how you do it, composting is one of the absolute best things you can do for your family and for our environment. My only complaint has been the amount of time and effort required. The organic compost tumbler solves both of these problems.

How does it do that, you ask? Well, its rotating design allows the compost inside to constantly rotate and aerate. What this means is that I am no longer required to dig in and rotate my compost with a pitchfork or shovel. This was always my least favorite part of composting so that alone would have been enough to sell me on this design. Second, and most important to those of you who rely on compost for gardening and landscaping, the compost is done in a fraction of the time of a traditional compost bin set up.

It is also a really thoughtful and earth-friendly product. It's made from 100% recycled food grade plastic (BPA Free)--this means that it's earth friendly, even in it's construction. Second, it is easy to assemble--and by easy, I mean I assembled it in about 30 minutes with my 11 year old son and I am NOT a tool guy (ask my wife--that's an understatement!)

Overall, I can't say enough good things about the organic compost tumbler. While it's not the cheapest solution out there, it is certainly worth every penny!


ParkerPondFarm said...

I wish we could use a compost tumbler - I think our compost would break down faster. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), we have WAY too much compost for a tumbler! Between the garden and yard waste, chicken and cow manure and kitchen scraps, I've got two compost bins and two more piles going right now! I do recommend compost tumblers for those with less composting materials - they are clean and easy to use and make great compost.

framebyframe said...

You are exactly right--the tumbler does have a limited capacity. We use it as part of a two-stage process. The bin gets all of the new scraps and the compost is "finished" in the tumbler. Then, the compost from the bin is moved to the tumbler and a new pile is started in the bin. This allows us to get really great compost, but still handle all of the biodegradable material from our home and 2.5 acres.

The other thing we like about the tumbler is the ability to release the stopper at the bottom and easily get some liquid compost. It's the best liquid fertilizer ever!