Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update from our Small Corner of the Marble

I can't believe Earth Day was our last update--it seems like only yesterday, but, alas it has been over 6 months. Much has happened in that time in our corner of the Marble, so I figured it was time to share some of the great things we've learned and done with you, our faithful GreenMarble reader.

First off, we committed ourselves to taking on as many green projects as we could this year. We purchased some rural land, tilled and planted it, got some chickens, built a coop, and have made a big effort to get as much food as possible off of our own land. While we realize that buying rural land is not practical for everyone, we have also learned that there are literally a ton of resources to help you take even the smallest piece of land and turn it into a place to raise some of your own food, and yes, even chickens.

Here are some of the best sites we've found for chicken raising, organic gardening, and composting:

The Country Chicken

Backyard Chickens

Organic Gardening

The Organic Gardening Guru

Here are some photos of our coop and some of the organic bounty we've gotten this year. We'd love to see photos of your gardens, chicken coops, and even your nasty/lovely compost bins, so share links to your photos in comments!

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