Monday, March 9, 2009

Super Green Household Cleansers

Just the other day, my friend Lachlan posted this not on his Facebook profile. The ideas are so great and simple, I had to share... here they are. I've also added an additional tip for eco-toothpaste that was added as a comment to his post... Enjoy, and use in good health!
Hey all!

I have now been keeping my home clean for over 2 years with just the following ingredients, and it's just as clean as it always was (no jokes about the "always was" part, now! Just hold your tongue!), so I am saving the planet, AND LOWERING MY RISK OF CANCER AND SAVING MONEY, without losing any quality of life. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Please consider shaking off old, chemical habits that were sold to you by Madison Avenue. Stock up on these items instead, and have fun mixing your own concoctions! Unlike chemicals, you can experiment with these without blowing anything up!

Below are the ingredients, followed by a few answers, followed by a few recipes.



-2 or 3 spray bottles
-White Vinegar (anti-bacterial, grease cutter)
-Lemon Juice (strong grease cutter)
-"CitraSolv" (orange peel oil and coconut soap) ((VERY strong grease cutter - the main ingredient of the industrial solvent "Goo Gone" is orange peel oil!))
-Baking Soda (abrasive, but don't use with the vinegar)((Duh. I've done it TWICE. Always surprises me!))
-Coarse Salt (abrasive to be used with the vinegar)
-Coconut Oil (protect your leather and wood)
-Olive Oil (for wood and other surfaces)
-Grapefruit Seed Extract (VERY strong anti-fungal)
-Eucalyptus oil (insect repellent, great for your bottle of kitchen cleaner!)

White Vinegar does NOT stink up your house. The smell is gone in minutes.

Citrasolv is available at any good sized market. It is expensive, but don't be shy, you only use a TEENSY bit in your spray bottle. I have had the same bottle for almost two years and it is not even half empty! And I use it to mop the floors too!
Coconut oil is so useful! You can cook with it (at lower heat) and use it as a hair conditioner and gel. I love this stuff.

Grapefruit seed extract (from the health food store) is VERY expensive. But, like the Citrasolv, a little dab'l do ya! Or skip it altogether.

Eucalyptus oil (also from the health food store) is not as expensive, but again, it is optional.

The only place where I notice having to work harder is in cleaning mirrors and windows. I am considering buying some rubbing alcohol to add to some vinegar so it will not take extra work. But really, it's just a little more rubbing. Like in Karate Kid... "Wax de car... Paint de fence..."

Here are some basic Lachlan mixes:

Bathroom cleaner/sanitizer-
mostly vinegar
couple tablespoons of coarse salt
cap of Citrasolv
drop of GSE
shake before use (for salt)

Kitchen cleaner-
half vinegar and half lemon juice
couple tablespoons of coarse salt
cap of Citrasolv
several drops of eucalyptus oil
shake before use (for salt)

Soap scum/tub cleaner-
Lemon juice
cap of Citrasolv
a few drops of GSE
separate shaker of baking soda or put it right in the bottle (might clog?)
(I spray the surface, then sprinkle the soda. You won't even need to scrub! Just wipe in a circular motion and rinse!)

From a mutual friend Jody: Here's a neat recipe for toothpaste.

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