Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kick Your Gas Mower to the Curb

OK, so you're not ready to give up your lawn and go to xeriscaping yet, but you still want to travel a little more lightly on this earth? Your first step should be to trade your loud, carbon belching gas mower in for a clean quiet electric model.

Until recently, electric mowers simply could not compete in terms of price and performance. However, recent developments have changed all that. First of all, there are now many, many excellent quality electric lawn mowers. Second, and most exciting IMHO, is the development of trade-in programs in hundreds of communities. My recent online search yielded hundreds of programs in the US alone, and these programs seem to be growing as fast as the grass on my acreage.

So get out there and get rid of that gas mower. Your lungs (and your neighbors) will thank you.

Oh, and uh, if that seems like too much work, get rid of your lawn all together!

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