Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top 5 Green Ways to Spend Your "Stimulus" Check

OK, so if you're like me, you're more than just a little cynical about the check you are about to receive from the government. First off, is sending every taxpayer $600 really going to help the economy?! If past history is any indication, the answer is maybe, at best. If the US government was truly interested in stimulating the economy, why not spend the money on building a green economy? If you think about it, the roughly $168 billion they spent on sending checks would buy a lot of solar panels (look no further than Germany for an example of this.)

So what's the answer? Take matters into your own hands and do what they should have done when you get your check. It's no coincidence that tax day and Earth Day fall in the same month so go out and put that ill gotten government green to some good work. (OK--really it IS a coincidence, but don't let that stop you!)

Here are the top 5 green things you can do with $600:

1) Buy energy efficient bulbs and eliminate incandescent bulbs in your home.
2) Buy re-usable water bottles and stop buying bottled water
3) Replace an old appliance with a new energy efficient one
4) Buy some re-usable shopping bags made from recycled materials
5) Buy some good food at a farmer's market near you

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