Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Green" Products from "Brown" Companies

I just came across a post from a major consumer products company touting it's new line of products (sorry, but I won't link to it...) It made me think. Is it good that a major company is launching a "green" product line and their marketing muscle may get more people to buy good products instead of bad ones? Or, is it bad because it's just a cynical attempt to clean up a "brown" image among consumers? Is this grass or Astroturf?

This line of questioning can be extended to other things as well. For example the power company that discounts compact florescent bulbs but, at the same time burns coal and runs nuclear power plants--are they good, bad, or both? Another example is the major retailer that is "going green" but still remains an unscrupulous company when it comes to labor issues and purchasing practices.

How should we feel about this? What's a conscientious consumer to do? What is your opinion?

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