Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Almost Eco Mom Speaks Out!

This is a post I had sent to me by a mother of two who wishes to remain anonymous....

Any parent knows that living a green or eco friendly lifestyle can be tricky at first, especially as you get started and change family practices. Pre-packaged water, juice boxes, and fast packaged snacks can be a huge time saver with kids getting home late and needing a quick fix to get through homework, music lessons or sports practice. My advice, start slow, baby steps and you’ll soon find that healthier choices for our planet make healthier children.

Ok put up or shut up. Here are my quick tips:

Purchase reusable water containers like these. I bought a couple extra for the tag along school friends and if one is in the wash we always have a replacement. Not only are these great for the environment, it really helps cut down on purchasing plastic bottled water and with sport tops my kids don’t spill drink everywhere. Cheaper and less messy. One down.

This next one is a little type A, but has created some extra jobs the kids can help me with. Tired from work with the kids begging to watch TV, I sit them down at the kitchen table to make snack packs. Healthy dry cereal, nuts, raisins and small crackers all packaged nicely in little reusable containers. The kids sort and create their own snack packs. This gives me about 20 minutes to throw dinner together and if they eat a few along the way it takes the pre-dinner crabbiness away. Also after grocery shopping the kids can wash the produce and make grape or carrot snack packs. Also great for the lunch packing craziness on school day mornings.

Final quick tip everyone says clean your house with natural items like vinegar. I’m not a big fan of cleaning with a product that leaves the house smelling like a salad or an Easter egg coloring fiasco. There are many green, earth friendly products out there that are safe for use and don’t have this unpleasant after smell. I don’t know how you all feel about shopping at Trader Joe’s but they have many earth friendly cleaning products or try this site.

I don’t profess to being the most environmentally savvy mom on the planet, but I’m making smarter and safer choices and my kids are learning about keeping our planet healthy.


Nathaniel said...

I think that it's great that this Mum is trying to teach her children how to care for the environment in a responsible way and is trying to do so by example. The way that she is doing this shows her children that taking care of our environment is important to her. If she were to just tell her children to go "green" but didn't try to do it wouldn't have the weight that her current method has. Like the old saying goes...."actions speak louder than words".

framebyframe said...

Almost Eco Mom Says, " Nathaniel thank you for the supportive words, I try my best and want to share my little victories , I sent this in anonymously but maybe I can just be known as Almost Eco Mom! "

Nathaniel said...

In the area that I a "green" lifestyle and being known as being really into environmental far as supporting the most popular environmental protection groups (like Green Peace...which I love to death) makes you really unpopular to the "establishment". People areound here don't mind having nice yards and a few nice parks, but, to try to have most of the planet be like that....they can't stand that idea because it stands in the way of "progress" and of them making lots of money. That attitude really makes me gag. But, yeah, I'm really into protecting the environment and also....I only eat Organic and Whole Food. So, I spend about $5000.00 to $10000.00 a month on groceries. There's a place online that I order from but don't recall the URL off the top of my head...but, if you go to and search for "Organic, Whole Food" you can find several sites. Can't tell you which is the best, but, the place that I order from is (if I remember correctly) located in San Francisco, Cali. I'm willing to pay that much for groceries simply because I tell everyone all the benefits to living a "green" lifestyle. So, the way that I see it, if I don't try to make my entire lifestyle "green" then I don't need to get up on my little soap boxes about it and shouldn't even say a word about it. I'd be a hippocrit if I promoted a lifestyle that I don't do everything that I can to try to live myself.