Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Top 3 Simple Green Tips for the New Year

Since this is the blog for simple green living, we thought we'd close out the year with 5 simple things you can do in the new year to make a difference. They are all good things to do and are presented in no special order.

1) Eliminate bottled water. I know this sounds like heresy to those of you in the well-hydrated set, but hear me out. You can be well hydrated AND stop using those poisonous globes of fossil fuel as containers. It's really simple to do--buy a stainless steel container (I like the ones from Klean Kanteen) and fill it with tap water (you can filter the water to improve taste if your municipality's water tastes like monkey butt, however most city tap water is held to a higher standard of purity than bottled water anyway...)

2) Paper or Plastic? How about neither?! Buy re-usable cloth bags and keep them handy so that you always have them available for last minute shopping trips. Keep a couple in your vehicle, a couple at home, and maybe one a travel bag so you never have to make that horrible decision at check out time. "Hmmmm...let's see...is it better to chop down a tree use the bag once and recycle or use a bag made from fossil fuel that will never bio-degrade..." I like the ones from ReusableBags.com because their selection is awesome and there are even ones made from recycled materials like juice boxes, but there are any number of places you can get bags that suit your fashion sense and budget.

3)Buy and consume less, and when you do shop, buy from people and companies aligned with your beliefs. For example, I get health products from Wellcorps not only because their products are great, but because they are dedicated to environmental education (see their excellent "News to Use" section on their site.)
That's all for now. We'll be back in 2008 with more tips for simple green living. Have a happy and green holiday season!


mach1andy said...

For my New Year's resolution, I'm going to Macworld a few days early this year to go to an event called Energy Camp in SF. I'm not going to stop bathing or anything but I figured there is something I can do to make a difference by learning how to reduce carbon emissions and waste. Check out www.openeco.org/energycamp for info. -- Its free by the way!

framebyframe said...

Yeah--Bathing is a good thing and so is reducing carbon output and waste. I'd love to hear about Energy Camp after you go!