Monday, December 10, 2007

Custom vs Generic Mynt Minutes

Last month, we completed a custom Mynt Minute for junk mail elimination service, which you can view here:

41Pounds Mynt Minute

We think these custom Mynt Minutes are a great way to get the message out about key environmental issues and are also a great way for leaders in the environmental community to generate action. However, since we are always looking for ways to reuse and recycle, we will also make generic "non-branded" versions of the Minutes so the information will find a wider audience. Often, these generic versions will have a similar look, feel, and concept to the "branded" version, but will have the message slightly shifted so that more resources can be promoted. Check out the generic version of Mynt Minute Episode 5 here:

Mynt Minute Episode 5

or here, on YouTube:

If you would like to sponsor a Mynt Minute, or have an idea for a Mynt Minute subject, let us know here or email:


luis said...

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framebyframe said...

You are soooo right Luis. Great tip on that blog--I checked it out and dugg it!