Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Newest Mynt Minute is Out-Junk Mail Elimination

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental and green living programming, Frame x Frame Productions has just completed a completely custom Mynt Minute for junk mail elimination service, 41Pounds.org. This custom 1 minute program which was created in partnership with Green Wave Strategies, delivers a memorable message about the negative impact of junk mail and allows users to sign up for 41Pounds’ service to stop junk mail now. Frame x Frame provided, writing, video production, post production, motion graphics, and compression and distribution for the project.

The video, which is being advertised on Treehugger and Grist can be viewed on a special page on the 41Pounds website here:

41Pounds Mynt Minute

It can also be seen on YouTube here:

41Pounds Mynt Minute on YouTube

This is the first of many partnerships we are developing for our Mynt Minutes and we are looking forward to bringing this content to every corner of the Green community. Our experience in film and video production combined with our passion for the environmentalism makes this kind of work the most gratifying thing we can do.

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