Friday, June 8, 2007

Ecological Footprint Quiz is Eye-Opening

Wow! I just took the Ecological Footprint and was shocked to find the it would take 2.7 Earths to support the earth's population if everyone lived like me. The scary thing is, I am a vegetarian who lives close to work and bikes at least 2 times a week rather than driving. As it turns out, this makes my footprint about half of the average American's--however, last time I checked, there is only one earth for us to live on.

You can take the quiz here:
Ecological Footprint Quiz

After feeling totally bummed about my "excessive" lifestyle, I was heartened to find the section where they show you ways to lighten your footprint. It's nice to see the Green Movement coupling solutions with descriptions of the problem. This is what we hope to do with Mynt...

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